Leelee Rodden

Lee (Leelee) Rodden

  • Wife of one husband for fifty years, mother to three children who were homeschooled from grade 3 to 12.

  • Accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in 1970 and began ministering to youth almost immediately along with her husband, Dan.

  • Worked with youth in a large church during the great awakening of the Jesus Movement, seeing many come to Christ; helped start and run a Christian coffee house.

  • High School Staff at Campus Crusade for Christ and worked in the inner-city of San Bernardino, CA and Columbus, Ohio.

  • Attended three years at Institute of Biblical Studies at CCC headquarters in San Bernardino, CA.

  • Co-Founder of Student Action for Christ, The Caleb Campaign, Editor of Caleb “Issues & Answers”, Publisher & Executive Editor of “The Home Schooler”, Co-Founder of The Caleb Bike Farm, The Caleb Bike Farm Zoo, and The Caleb Drop-By Zoo.

  • Co-Owner of LeDan’s Farm, truck farming, breeding, and raising exotic animals.

  • Worked with at-risk youth as cottage parents at the Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranch in Safety Harbor, FL.

  • Co-Founder of Christian Concierge working with business men and women to integrate the Bible with their businesses.

  • Owner of “Leeleespages”, editor, writer, and ghost-writer of many books.

  • Author of novel, “Outlawed”.

  • Podcast, writer, and ministering through social media (Facebook, Twitter, and blog).